AFX – Hangable Auto Bulb (1995 / 2005)

If I wanted to hear freaky English kids talking about fucking potatoes over a meltdown of electronics, up until now I’d have said that I’d have to either a.) knock up my ex a few times (aayyy lmao) or b.) hit a shitload of acid. But now, thanks to the Aphex Twin side-project / spin off AFX, I can just wap Spotify on, and away we go! Wow, technology has come so far, I think I have a tear in my eye! Progress, people, progress!

As far as AFX goes, Hangable Auto Bulb is AFX to the core. That may be just as ignorant as that time I did a review where I said Electric Wizard sounds like Electric Wizard, but literally I fail to see how you can listen to this and not know who you are hearing (unless you’ve never heard AFX / Twin before, of course). Anxious, blippy electronics meet mellow, almost nostalgic synth work and downright bizarre sampling, culminating in a concoction that is just simply gorgeous. Case in point, “Every Day”, taking this mixture to a new level. All hail AFX.

Cool pro tip – This is the CD compilation version of 2 12″ EPs (from 1995) together on one release, and I’m sure a few others, unless I’m going insane…