Jesu – Duchess / Veiled (2012)

This is a short, limited edition EP that Jesu released towards the arse end of 2012 on some ridiculously limited quantity (I can’t remember what number it was exactly but it sold out and I missed out on a copy, but to be honest, I probably wasn’t paying enough attention and let it slide). It contains an unreleased Jesu track in the form of “Veiled” and a beautiful cover of The Stranglers’ “Duchess”, redesigned in the usual more-sombre-than-sombre Jesu approach.

I’ve linked the cover below because it’s simply amazing, but the B side is just as good. I believe this came out not so long after the Ascension album, which was a bit of a miss in my opinion, so it was nice to find that Jesu hadn’t completely lost it’s way (future releases also completely cemented this fact). Doomy, gloomy, and as a YouTube commenter so rightfully pointed out – very Killing Joke-y. Excellent!

There is just something magical about the guitars on this thing, and I’ve poured my heart out about Jesu synths to you all before….