Cattle Decapitation – Ten Torments Of The Damned (1997)

I love this 7″, simply because it is so far removed from what Cattle Decapitation would become, and also because most people have absolutely no idea that it exists. I saw Cattle Decap recently and the thought of them breaking into anything off of this amused me greatly, although I would be super stoked to see how Travis would handle doing vocals on this material. This is a relic from the past, and a super cool look at how one of the juggernauts of the current death metal scene began their career. If you’ve never heard it, I think you are definitely going to be in for a bit of a shock.

Ten Torments Of The Damned showcases a completely different band and musical style. The band was still in very early days, playing some sort of cranky version of hi-energy hardcore punk. I guess you could say this would fall into the powerviolence ballpark. Several members would quickly go on to form The Locust (now you know where you’ve heard those vocals before, right?) and really push the boundaries within this genre of music.

I once owned the beautiful clear 7″, but it was robbed from me by some mouth-breathing redneck cunt in a botched trade. I have no words that can vilify that individual enough. Anyway – check this out!