Gore Beyond Necropsy – I Recommend You… Amputation! (1992)

Gore Beyond Necropsy are nothing short of legendary on the noise/grind underground for a multitude of reasons (the hilariously titled split/collab with Merzbow springs to mind). They have long since changed their name and disappeared into total obscurity, but for a short while they kinda flew the flag for this kinda noisy shit, and this 12 minute EP showcases a slightly different side to the band’s infamous noisy grindcore.

It all starts off with horror samples and down-tuned, dirty guitar playing, but then the drums kick in after the slow intro with this over-arching industrial feel, it’s like the drums are purposefully programmed in a machine-like way – as they blast away there’s a ticking mechanical heart to the proceedings; a clanking abdominal creation keeping the beating heart of this shit alive inside it’s exposed chest and eviscerated gore. Imagine Godflesh and Carcass melding as one in the mid/late 80s, for a ridiculous ballpark idea!