Bowel Stew – Debridement (2015)

Debridement is (I believe) the third album by Italian goregrind / death metal squad Bowel Stew. Whilst Debridement owes more to brutal death metal than any goregrind record, it manages to maintain that authentic air of dodgy pathological madness that is often lost in the ‘brutalism’ of much death metal. Bowel Stew is a nasty band, and whilst the cover art might not be a real picture of disgusting gore, you know they mean business with this sound.

Debridement contains 9 tracks, most around the 2 minute mark, although due to the composition style they actually sound a lot longer to me, but perhaps my brain is just geared this way when it comes to death metal. Unfortunately, a lot of underground brutal death ends up sounding like complete mush, but Debridement retains some semblance of clarity in the production job despite the usual murky furore of blasting gore madness.

Probably the best sounding Bowel Stew recording I’ve come across so far, and well worth a look for fans of both brutal death metal and goregrind.