Consumer Electronics – Estuary English (2014)

I love power electronics and noise but when this came out I completely lost it….what the fuck is actually going on? Estuary English is one of those rare records that I completely fail to understand, so I wrote it off for a while, completely unable to comprehend what I was listening to. It just sounded like Vyvyan from the Young Ones screaming over sub par bits and blips of electronic mush. If that’s what you want from your music then by all means Consumer Electronics are the band for you, but I had to duck out and then back into with an extremely open mind.

On the second run through I kinda started to get it; it almost sounds like Ramleh if you replace the walls of analogue noise with blippy digital crap (edit: the vocalist here, Philip Best, did have a stint in Ramleh). But y’know, it still kinda sounds like somebody just shouting over crap digital noise rather than anything that offers some kind of substance. I hate giving bad reviews, but this just isn’t for me.