Gruesome Stuff Relish – Horror Rises From The Tomb (2006)

June 21, 2016
Gruesome Stuff Relish – Horror Rises From The Tomb (2006)

(2016 edit: this review was written about 7 years ago for my old blog Even Shakespeare Fed The Worms. I’ve rejigged it so I don’t sound like so much of an immature ass, but please keep this in mind whilst reading. Enjoy!)

As I start this compact disc I am unaware entirely of what to expect, but I am met with a fairly typical sample, but it is followed by a very interesting and refreshing groove. From there on in, the album reveals itself to be a mix of mid-paced blasts and chugging grooves in the goregrind style of Haemorrhage et al. The sound of this particular production job is a little murky, but I feel it compliments the grindcore / death metal cross over that this band is trying to achieve.

When the vocals kick in with a series of lows and raspy shouts, I am reminded somewhat of Jeff Walker. It is at that precise moment that a great realisation hits me; Gruesome Stuff Relish has managed to replicate an unique blend between mid-career Carcass music, spliced with the early-career Carcass sound. If this session actually turned out to be a lost Carcass record, made in between “Symphonies” and “Necroticism”, it would not at all surprise me one bit. However, despite this, for me I find the music is very similar throughout the whole disc and there are no stand out tracks.

The sleeve art is an interesting piece of work by Jeffrey Zornow, which was either done cleverly with powder paints, or drawn digitally. In today’s Photoshop society, it is very hard to tell for certain which method has been used. The piece centres on a strikingly blue, nude woman. Zombies, cannibal tribes, and headless counts surround her.

The conclusion I have drawn from this disc is that it is a worthy addition to any death metal collection, as it is not entirely bad. It is just not something I would rush out and buy if I was aware beforehand of the contents.

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