Glowering – Demo 2012 (2012)

Glowering is a side project ov the tr00 and totes brutes invokator of gore noise havoc, Bobby Maggard. This time however, Bobby puts aside his hacksaw and bloodstained apron in favour of a pentagram-topped staff and a severed goat’s head hollowed out to make a snug little mask, as black metal is the theme of the day. But this ain’t no ordinary romp through black metal, no sir. It’s quite annoying actually, because a few months ago I was looking for something just like this, and turns out it had been sitting on my CD shelf all along.

Glowering’s 2012 demo mixes the dissonance of harsh noise (in a gorenoise style, if I can be so ridiculous to try and point that out) with the ambience and imagery of black metal, creating a truly hellish listening experience that is sonically abrasive, but rather unfortunately, quite irritating by duration’s end. Black metal often sounds like it was recorded in a wind tunnel. This is the wind tunnel.