Nunslaughter – The Devils Congeries – Volume 1 (2013)

May 27, 2016
Nunslaughter – The Devils Congeries – Volume 1 (2013)

This double CD package brings together a bunch of old splits and demos from the prolific, blackened grinding thrashers Nunslaughter, as well as a bevvy of live tracks. The splits and demos are fantastic, and I will surely review them on their own with the material from the respective splitting bands, but I just want to cast some light on this little package as I got my hands on a copy recently. Do you love Nunslaughter? Yes? Good. Do you love horrendously recorded live material? Er…

Unfortunately, about a third of disc one and the entirety of disc two is nothing but awful recordings of live performances. I picked this CD up when I recently bought some second hand cymbals so I didn’t pay too much for it so I’m not particularly bothered, but don’t be fooled by the ace looking art and fancy 2 disc set. This is handy if you can get it cheap and want all the old Nunslaughter stuff in one place, but the sheer volume of crap live tracks really cheapens this package, which is a shame. Definitely for die-hards and collectors only.

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