Jeff Lynne’s ELO – Alone In The Universe (2015)

I’ll admit this was actually my first time listening to a full ELO studio album, having only really been familiar with the singles (i.e. the greatest hits) of the ELO brand, but I’ve been meaning to check this lot out for a while.

This is a really great sounding album, it sounds like I’m listening to a big, iconic classic rock record despite this being a moderately new release – it just has that kind of sound to it. I can hear an almost Beatles-sounding influence throughout the record, maybe leaning more towards a later Beatles/solo-era sound, but having known Jeff has worked with Beatles members on things in the past (producing the anthology singles, for example), I think it’s a fair comparison to make here.

A strong record though and one I can imagine has gone down very well with classic rock fans, as well as maybe picking up a few newer listeners. A personal favourite from the album for me is the track “All My Life”, as well as “Alone In The Universe” and “When I Was A Boy” – a big-sounding modern classic that is well worth a listen.