Enema Shower – She Asked For It (2015)

Enema Shower are a groovy goregrind/porngrind (yadda yadda) band from Slovakia, playing in a slow but funky style of danceable filth. The vocals are low, thick ‘n’ heavy (see what I did there, y’know, because it’s porno grind!), the guitar work is like razorwire despite the slow speed and the drums possess the satisfying piccolo ping that one expects from musical circles such as this.

These three guys (and one girl) seem to have a thing for Sasha Grey, who crops up once or twice over the whole record (there’s even a track named after her), but generally the song subject matter ranges from the obscene to the rather clever (“Your Safeword Is Harder”). It’s hard to stay original in such an inward-thinking sub-genre, and whilst She Asked For It doesn’t offer anything particularly new to the pornogrind template it does a really good fucking job of spreading it wide and lubing it up.

Grind doesn’t get much slower than this. Butt plug optional.