Glue – Demo 2012 (2012)

I need more stuff like this in my life! I stumbled across this little hardcore punk gem last month, and haven’t been able to get enough of it. It’s not exactly aeons long with six tracks clocking in at just over eight minutes, but it’s a dirty ride, with a proper old-school production style. The bass drum is so fat, and whilst the guitars have Dead Kennedys written all over them, the riffs are busy and fresh.

There’s not a bad track here in all honesty, but my favourites are the intro, “The Jokes Write Themselves” and the fast/slow fuckery of the closing tune, “Falling Apart”. Glue are from Texas, in the US of A and seem to have a bit of a cult following, with the 7″ version of this demo selling for up to £20 on Discogs, which is a hefty price for a 7″ EP. Have a goosey.