Bloodlung – Roach (2014)

Bloodlung were a sludge band from South Wales who called it a day a year or so ago. As a result, free copies of their Roach album filtered out and I got given one at band practice when Judas Cradle used to rehearse at One Louder studios in Newport. I don’t usually listen to metal stuff in the car on the way home because a.) I’m usually sick of hearing guitars by that point and b.) I’m deaf as fuck too, half the time. I’m glad I threw this on the car stereo though, although it did make me feel a bit awful that I’d been so ignorant to this band existing in the first place.

Doom is literally everywhere now but there’s no-one really repping sludge in South Wales except Hogslayer (not to my knowledge – but then again, I am an idiot) so Bloodlung are a welcome change. It’s gutting that these guys broke up as this album is pretty fucking ace and it’s a shame to see talent disappear but what can you do? At least they dropped this before they fucked off 😉

Give it a whirl, it’s class as fuck.