Butcher M.D. – Traces Of Blood (2015)

Considering how much I listen to goregrind I always seem to let to the big ‘uns slide right on by….*sigh*. Anyway, this fucking amazing goregrind record was released last year by Bizarre Leprous and is a new project of Ex-LODH/SMES vokill puke bucket Erwin De Groot and one Kirill Maestro, who – according to Discogs – played guitars and programming in a band called Jaga-Jaga Massacre (who I’ll definitely be keeping an eye open for after hearing Traces Of Blood). With song titles such as “Fake Tits Replaced With Two Severed Human Heads” and “Devoured By Oozing Stomach Acids” you know we are back in business.

I guess I can liken the drum machine goregrind style to Torsofuck-meets-Regurgitate (minus three hundred truck loads of muddy production), even something a bit more early-days Splattered Entrails, and the vocals are sweet, sweet music to the ears of any fan of Last Days Of Humanity, SMES etc. etc. I wasn’t too fussed on the vocal contributions from Erwin to the Urine Cop project (just couldn’t hear them, more than anything) but this shit is pure fucking filth; it’s so goddamn amazing. Bleeeueueuegrgrgrhhhhhh