Waco Jesus – Filth (2003)

Filth is the second album from Texan death metal legends Waco Jesus. The fact that it shares a title with Swans’ debut is easily overlooked once you’ve gotten a good eyeful of that sleeve cover – this shit is fucking nasty. Now, death metal thrives on being offensive and sick and gory and can often be quite unkind to women (lol), but Waco Jesus are either doing an excellent job of satirising this or they seriously have a stick up their ass when it comes to females. Tracks such as “Blast You In The Face With My Semen, Blast You In The Face With My Fist” and “I Hope He Beats You” come on with a puzzling mix of snotty Anal Cunt-style offensive-just-to-be-offensive silliness and worrying misogynistic overtones.

That being said, musically, Filth is rough around the edges but is a completely savage record. “Punched You In The Cunt” makes me laugh when it probably shouldn’t but it’s just brutal as fuck (more than what can be said for most death metal bore-o-zoids these days) and is easily the stand out track for me, but honestly there isn’t a bad track here. I guess if you find this shit offensive you shouldn’t really be listening to dingy underground death metal in the first place. You literally cannot argue that Filth doesn’t have it’s heart on it’s sleeve. Totes brutes, bruv. Out on Sevared Records in the US of A and Morbid Records in Germany.