PVRIS – White Noise (2014)

As debut albums go this one is certainly one Pvris can be proud of – what a remarkably strong album that could easily be a greatest hits album rather than that of a debut release, and from such a young band. Opening track “Smoke” is an incredibly good opener and one that shines through as a live set opener for the band too (which I can confirm after being lucky enough to catch them live). Some lovely sounding keys to kick off the album and a track that really shows off the power behind vocalist Lynn Gunn’s voice.

It’s really hard to single out any tracks in particular from this release as it effortlessly fits and flows together as a piece so well, as also showcased in the way that the band’s videos from the release flow. However, personal favourites are “St. Patrick”, “My House”, and “Fire”.

It really is the vocals that stand out on this record for me, especially the first time I heard it. It’s very easy to see from this release why this band have quickly built up a following. If Pvris can keep up with this level of quality upon future releases then they have a very successful career ahead of them.