Pharmakon – Bestial Burden (2014)

I feel like I have an overwhelming urge to trepan my skull in order to fully envelope my conscious with the buzzing, numbing industrial stomp of Pharmakon’s “music”. I’m joking of course, but it kinda feels like the human brain alone isn’t powerful enough to digest this disgustingly intense mix of industrial, power electronics and ambience. Pharmakon is not afraid to balance the serene and low-key alongside the bashing, crashing havoc of sheer noise, and that pays off in spades on Bestial Burden.

The artwork just plain creeps me out, too. Is it an autopsy? Is it a strange mediterranean salad? Is it both? Why am I hungry all of a sudden? Why are we even alive? …Anyway, I digress. Harsh noise enthusiasts are no doubt already familiar with Pharmakon’s offerings, however I would also recommend this to fans of horror movie scores, or ominous soundtracking in general. This shit is plain creepy, but it isn’t afraid to get loud either.