Weezer – Weezer (White Album) (2016)

Having considered Weezer’s Blue Album a fantastic debut and one of the best of its era and genre, as well as a being a big fan of their earlier releases (yet admittedly my attention dipped somewhat in and out of Weezer’s more recent releases), I was very keen to hear if Weezer would really grab my attention with the self titled “White Album”.

This is overall a very upbeat sounding Weezer album, and also one where you can hear elements of that classic Weezer sound throughout, in tracks such as “L.A Girls” and particularly “Do You Wanna Get High”, which has 90’s Weezer written all over it to me. It’s quite a strong sounding album, and I feel it flows really well. It would make a great summer soundtrack too, as all the tracks really seem to ooze that type of vibe! 

I really like this album as a whole, and I think it’s one that will definitely go down well with the fans, and definitely worth checking out also if as I say your attention has kind of been lost in more recent releases. Overall a great album and a very welcome return to form!