Torturing Nurse – Nonentity (2014)

Nonentity is a grating, deafening displaying of analogue harsh noise broken down in to three consumable parts. The first part hisses and belches the way good noise should, before the second track “Abuse” provides us with a break that, in all honesty, seems to come a little bit too soon. The third part kicks back in for a final 15 minute push through a seascape of bubbling static bliss. I find myself trying to loop it over in my head, searching for patterns and meaning. But, like most harsh noise, there isn’t one. Just total sonic annihilation. And then it’s over.

Nonentity comes in a really fancy DVD-sized case with full artwork and even includes a little booklet choc-full of further xeroxed imagery; a disturbing tangible accompaniment to the aural freakshow that is Torturing Nurse. There’s a ton of harsh noise out there these days, but Torturing Nurse is some of the best. Check out Palinopsia Recordings who put this release together.