Martyrdöd – Elddop (2014)

Martyrdöd are one of them crust bands that have somehow managed to partly transcend the restrictive confines of the d-beat genre and turn into a full fledged metal band in their own right. Don’t get me wrong, there’s quite a few crust bands playing these days with melodic riffs and song structures, but none quite manage to mix soaring metal melodies with messy d-beat drumming as well as Martyrdöd have.

Melody has been slowly creeping into Martyrdöd’s music for quite some time, but Elddop is an extremely bold statement to the crust punk scene. It’s hard not to class this record as crust or d-beat (it even has what sounds to me like a massive black metal influence too) but I can imagine quite a few patched nonwashers blowing this off as “too soft” or something like that. Opener “Nodkanal” is just absolutely perfect – perhaps one of the best intros to any album ever, before “En Jobbig Javel” kicks off Elddop proper.

The over-arching sorrow and melancholy in these weeping riffs just oozes out of the stereo, and coupled with the blasting ruckus in the background, creates the perfect balance (like when you put a blob of greek yoghurt on top of a fucking scorching chilli) of metallic sounds for my brain.