With The Dead – With The Dead (2015)

Fuuuuck me this shit is so heavy, I just had to get my oar in just incase the Doomfinder General shits out a review for this before me! I don’t write about that much doom metal these days so I’ll take this fairly rare opportunity to plug a new supergroup of slow. With The Dead features the original Electric Wizard backbone dynamic duo (later to perform as Ramesses) joined with ex-Cathedral/Napalm Death crooner and Rise Above Records CEO Lee Dorrian. Now how’s that for a good fucking idea?

The result, perhaps expectedly, is somewhere between Dopethrone and Endtyme; a bludgeoning affair of smoggy doom riffery and organ-pulping bass tone. For every stoned wondering of what classic Wizard would have sounded like with Dorrian on vocals, there is now an answer, and that answer will bury you into the fucking ground. There’s a bit of classic, trad-doom riffing on “Nephthys” and the odd solo but for the most part this is pure worship to the Wizard sound of old, topped with that magical Cathedral feel. It might seem obvious basing this review around pointing that out, but it’s literally perfect. Have a goose.