Hyperemesis / Vomitoma – Split Tape (2011)

Vomitoma have been around for a while, and whilst their sound varies a bit from time to time, their material on this split sounds like a mix between Libido Airbag and something altogether more traditional-drum-machine-goregrind (lol), like, I dunno, Dehydrated Tissues? Either way this is boss as fuck and should fill all of your lo-fi dirgy goregrind needs.

Hyperemesis just get better and better and every single thing I hear by them just cements them as one of my favourite goregrind projects ever. Even whilst sporting one of the worst snare sounds in the history of time on this release, they still absolutely fucking slay it. This tape was limited to 30 pieces but thankfully it’s been uploaded to Youtube (seemingly against the wishes of the label) for the rest of us to hear.