Forgotten Pathways – Shrouded In Mystery (1998)

Forgotten Pathways play really retro-sounding ambient / medieval “dungeon music” in the vein of early Mortiis or some shitty video game soundtrack. What makes it more akin to a game soundtrack or something like that is the often-appearing drum machine, something which is absent in a lot of this type of music. It makes actually quite a lot of difference; instead sounding like some cheap classical music, Shrouded In Mystery sounds like a lo-fi journey through the arcane.

The synths are long and meandering, often repetitive, and kept in check by the ticking beat of the drums. It is at moments grandiose and others hammy as fuck. There are some vocals, used sparingly, whispering through the mix like long forgotten spirits. I swear this thing loops through twice, repeating on me and making me seem totally insane, or that could just be the nature of this mesmerizing creation.

If you are playing an old RPG then this is absolutely the perfect soundtrack.