Eyehategod – Eyehategod (2014)

Another long-awaiting comeback that paid off by the truckload! Eyehategod have been brewing their self-titled return for nearly 14 years, so it was understandable that fans were getting a bit itchy. But, like I said, the wait paid off. This album is absolutely fucking incredible. You’ve got the classic Eyehategod vibes as if they never went away, but they’ve given them a cleaner, modern spin. You could argue that the mud and sludge surrounding Eyehategod’s music is what gives it most of it’s charm, and previous to hearing the new self-titled I would have completely agreed with you, but the sound on this record is just too damn good to worry about the lack of dirgy production.

For the first time, Eyehategod has the clarity to reach a wider metal audience, for better or worse. I think it’ll do them a world of good, as this thing is absolute riff machine. There are no bad tracks per se but “Trying To Crack The Hard Dollar” and “Nobody Told Me” are absolutely glorious. Those riffs, though! Those riffs! Daaaaaaaaayum.

This is the last Eyehategod release to include contributions from drummer Joey LaCraze who sadly passed away before this album was released. I’ve seen this band live countless times, and they were always crazy heavy and super tight even though they always seemed to play whilst absolutely fucking wasted. R.I.P. Joey! At least this record is a fitting epitaph.