Whoretopsy – While You Were Sleeping (2014)

What a gem! Brutal death metal is over-saturated as fuck (and I’ve made no secret of mentioning that in nearly every death metal post I do) and every time I load up a YouTube vid, a Spotify link or even put a CD in the stereo (imagine such sorcery!) that has some spiny logo and a compromised / disemboweled female on the cover, I sit there and wait for the disappointment to come, to wait for the OMG-we’re-super-serious mediocrity to wash over me for a few minutes before I inevitably turn it off thinking “What a shame that I didn’t like that, the album cover would have looked great on a shirt”. But not this time. Oh god no.

The hilariously-named Whoretopsy are brutal as fuck. That might seem like a fairly narrow-minded thing to say about a death metal band or project but that is simply what it is. It doesn’t pretend to be, or claim to be “brutal”, like many of it’s peers – it simply is. That’s an achievement in itself. I tend to prefer the nastier-sounding slam acts to the more polished ones (probably stemming from my undying love for goregrind, which isn’t exactly a thousand miles away, stylistically) so it’s really refreshing to listen to something with a professional production job and really enjoy it. While You Were Sleeping rolls back and forth from headbanging slams to brutal blasting passages like waves of nausea after a Hepatitis vaccine.

Seriously though, check out this little-known Aussie act, you won’t be disappointed. Loads better than most of the more well known slam death metal that’s about these days.