Sedem Minut Strachu – Overmasonnizationated Twist (5″) (2014)

May 15, 2015
Sedem Minut Strachu – Overmasonnizationated Twist (5″) (2014)

I’ll admit to have never heard of Sedem Minut Strachu before they were recently announced for this year’s Obscene Extreme Festival but hey, as much as I like to pretend I’m the all-seeing eye of grindcore, there’s oceans of the stuff out there I’ve yet to hear. Overmasonnizationated Twist is a surprisingly coherent romp through a strange mixture of harsh noisecore and harmonica improvisation.

The drum sound is clear as fuck, which is refreshing compared to the muddy blur that envelopes the rest of the ‘music’, but I’m not complaining! All in all a brilliant start with this band and I’m gonna check out loads more of this stuff in preparation for the Noisecore night at OEF 2015. Blast it!

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