Clams Casino – Rainforest (2011)

Rainforest by Clams Casino is probably my top contender for favourite driving music at the moment, especially during the night time. Rainforest is as dense and multi-layered as its moniker suggests; overlapping, almost distorted layers of electronic auras mingle freely over retro drum programming and ethereal vocal tomfoolery. Honestly, the whole thing is a bit disjoined but each individual track works so well in unfolding its own world that you don’t want it to end.

Opener “Natural” sounds to me like Jesu meets King Tubby, whilst the excellent “Treetops” that follows it is more akin to a jam between Emeralds and Burial. I could go on in this vein for quite some time, but it feels like I’m not giving Clams Casino any credit for the sounds on offer here. It’s really interesting because Mr. Clams is a hip hop producer. You don’t really see that many hip hop producers releasing solo stuff like this (if anyone says Dr. Dre I’ll fucking clock you haha) and asides from the Instrumentals series he’s released over the years, it appears Rainforest is Clams Casino’s only stand-alone original material. I could be wrong on this shout though – if I am, hit me up with more of this stuff, it’s simply gorgeous.