Cemetery Rapist – Plundering Into Vaginal Demolition (2013)

Cemetery Rapist is perhaps the wiggerest of all slam projects. I guess if you’re gonna listen to this type of stuff, go straight to the most ridiculous, insane project of the lot. He might not have gansta grills like members of more recent slam bands, but Cemetery Rapist is also probably one of the longest running projects too, and according to my I-used-to-spend-too-much-time-on-Myspace radar, he’s probably been going for about a decade. When your game is super chuggy pornogrind-tinged slam, you gotta give the guy props for still managing to churn out fresh and relevant music.

Asides from a brief foray with superstardom (lol) by releasing a record on Rotten Roll Rex, Cemetery Rapist has been releasing and supporting his own filth in a true DIY style ever since the project’s inception. In that respect, Plundering Into Vaginal Demolition is no different; it is a self-recorded, self-released CD that is an absolute fucker to get a hold of at a decent price outside of the USA. The pros and cons of the self-funded underground, folks!

Plundering… offers up another slice of what Cememtery Rapist is all about; sludgy slams over ticking drum machines and str8-from-da-cornfieldz cricket vokills. Skreeeeeeeeeee, motherfuckers, skreeeeeee. Top off the whole circus with some frankly disturbing artwork and hey presto, another fuckin’ slamming porno groove gem in the bag. That’s how he do.

Props, homes.