Urine Cop / Vomir – Split Tape (2011)

When I heard of Urine Cop being a collaboration between Adam Jennings of Winters In Osaka and Putrefaction In Progress-era LDOH vocalist Erwin De Groot, I got very, very excited. I would be lying to you if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed with what is on show here. Bass, noise and LDOH vocals sounds fucking class in my book, but you literally can’t hear a thing here. You’ve basically got 8 minutes of distorted blastbeats, with the odd De Groot roar farting through the mix. Any noise or bass or whatever the other contribution is, is virtually inaudible. I guess I set myself up for the fall, but hey, I calls ’em how I sees ’em (or hears ’em, in this case)!

Vomir is all about what Vomir is about. Dim fuckio aroundio, as us Welsh folk say. Straight up, to the point, psychosis-inducing harsh noise wall for the whole family to enjoy. Child playing fuck? Smash on this tape. Eldery family member tired of living a pointless life, forgotten about by your children and grandchildren? Smash on this tape.

Slightly off-topic but I would love it if Stalaggh (or Gulaggh nowadays) did some sort of collaboration with Vomir. Although, that would probably cave my head in permanently.