Unholy Grave – Angry Raw Grinder (2007)

You simply can’t beat Unholy Grave at their game. Okay, so they kinda fall into the same trap as Agathocles with releasing billions of EPs every week (slight overstatement maybe) but at least with Unholy Grave they have much a higher ratio of original-to-rehashed material than Agathocles. But if it’s raw, uncompromising grindcore that you are looking for then you don’t have to go much further than Unholy Grave.

This 2007 release doesn’t exactly break new ground but then again it doesn’t really need to; it’s Unholy Grave through and through and doesn’t necessarily need to be too forward thinking. We all know what they do and they do it very, very well. This type of attitude would kill other bands (or genres – just look at the underground black metal scene) but somehow, and I don’t know how, Unholy Grave keep managing to spew out endless reams of chaotic noisy grindcore.

With the recent passing of their drummer not tripping up the band at all- despite the magnitude of the loss – we can see the conviction and dedication of Unholy Grave to their brand of music is as hard as concrete and as strong as it was in 1993.