Exit_International – Chainsaw Song (2012)

I picked this up because a few of my mates really like Exit_International, and swear by their unusual bass guitar driven sleazy rock swagger. It was also nice to see a 7″ for sale locally, of a local band, so that swayed me. I love bass guitar focussed stuff, and I’ve heard a fair amount of it over the years, but this, well, it just bores the guts outta me. Exit_International have got their sound, and I respect them for it, but it literally does nothing for me at all.

It’s hard then, to really continue writing a review about this 7″ without getting negative, which is something I want to avoid doing because Exit_International aren’t exactly bad, I juste don’t like them. Anyways, this a single release of a track from their Black Junk album, released by the Undergroove label in 2012.