Unholy Grave / Rotten Sound – Split CD (2001)

Two grind legends head to head on one split – that’s all it takes for me! I’m sold!

Rotten Sound’s polished uber-super-grind has gotten more and more streamlined and refined as albums have come and gone, so it’s refreshing to hear some old stuff from them now and then and remember what sounds they used to make ‘back in the day’. Mixing Napalm Death-brand grindcore ferocity with tinges of death metal, Rotten Sound plough through two originals and a Unholy Grave cover with “Nanking Atrocity”, which is actually really cool.

Unholy Grave on the other hand play their usual mash up of noisecore and old school grindcore, only with a better quality production sound than most splits. My favourite tracks here are opener “Horror” and “Social Rinse”, which is also the longest track from UG. The “Outro” track is frankly, pointless as fuck, but this is some great shit from Unholy Grave, as per. Grindbastards unite!