Embalming Theatre – The World is a Stage… For Murder! (2005)

January 19, 2015
Embalming Theatre – The World is a Stage… For Murder! (2005)

If you’ve been following this site since the beginning then you’re probably somewhat aware that I have had mostly nothing but praise for all the Embalming Theatre stuff that I’ve reviewed. This 2005 full-length record is going to be no exception, as it showcases everything that I love about these Swiss grindcore maniacs. What I have here the 2007 pressing on vinyl by Power It Up from Germany (the original 2005 release was just on CD).

If you know what Embalming Theatre are about then The World… isn’t a particularly ground breaking or forward-thinking record. It is, basically, Embalming Theatre doing what Embalming Theatre does best; churning out oddly-catchy, death metal tinged grind hymns of disturbing sickness. “Amputation Of The Wrong Leg Part II” is obscenely catchy for a track bathed in such grim subject matter, as is “Get High On A Dead Dog” – another highlight of side A – which blasts and rattles through the horrendous (true) tale of two thieves from Essex (yes!) who snorted the cremated remains of a dog called Charlie because they thought it was, ironically, coke or something. Shit! “Foetal Remains In A Trash Compactor” has another killer groove that rounds off side A.

Side B houses such classics as “He Attacked Her With A Chainsaw” and the gastronomic “Bake The Baby”, before rounding the entire bizarre, macabre circus off with the piano-driven (double yes!) “Bulldozer Blues”, which really has to be heard to be believed. Whoever said grindcore has to be serious? Ha ha! Embalming Theatre seem to subtly balance a gallows humour with their morbid tales of mutilation and destruction based on true events from around the world. Filter this balance through a dirgy, treble-heavy, gurgly and guttural grindcore assault, and you’ve the perfect recipe for the (perfect) disaster!

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