Sunn O))) & Scott Walker – Soused (2014)

Sunn O))) are a bunch of folks who love their arsty fartsy, hipster-baiting collaborations. The split with Ulver, the featuring of Julian Cope on earlier drones, the covering of “Che” on a 10″ shared with Alan Vega, that art installation thingy that Oracle was based around, and I’m sure there’s more but those are the ones that spring to mind. So I’m not surprised then, to see this collab with Scott Walker come along at some point, after being rumoured for quite some time, and only be available on some ridiculously overpriced limited label release. Oh well, at least it’s on Spotify so I don’t have to burn in hell for downloading music on the sly.

A friend told me before I started listening that this collab record suffers a similar symptom as Metallica and Lou Reed’s mash up – that basically, it’s one band doin’ their thang as usual, and then another guy just rambling incoherently over the top of it all. As Soused opens up with “Brando”, I can totally appreciate where the comparisons to LuLu are coming from, but this record is much more well put together than that fucking Loutallica farce.

Despite Scott Walker having an extremely unique voice he does remind me of Lou Reed a bit, actually. I’ve never actually heard Scott Walker before but he’s now on my enormous fucking list of shit to check out. I wanna hear him sans-O))). Anyways, this collab is actually pretty good, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, which is not something I particularly expected to do. I just sat there and read pretty much the entirety of Garth Ennis’ Preacher Book 4 whilst listening to it. With the good ol’ Americana feel of both of these things pairing quite well, I had a hell of a time, to be honest.

What I’m really looking forward to though is a brand new Sunn O))) full length, so get on it ye cunty fuckin’ radge robe wearing spastics!