Lull – Moments (1998)

Lull is another Mick Harris project, one I believe that he worked on between Scorn releases back in the day. Lull takes pages from the book of Lustmord; extremely minimal yet puzzlingly fulfilling compositions of sound, often devoid of any noticeable instrumentation, pummelling you instead with lulling ambience (no pun intended) and claustrophobic barrages of atmosphere. Moments then, is the stifling ambient soundscape of choice for those with a short attention span. Instead of the usually lengthy tracks that come hand in hand with this sort of thing, Moments splits these aural passages into 99, er, moments, I guess.

Some last mere seconds, and without a single one of them reaching three minutes, you’d be forgiven for mistaking this to be a short release, but alas it is not. Each piece of the puzzle falls together create an entire whole, something which can be a bit of an issue if you burn this into .mp3 format or download it off the internet – those little millisecond gaps between songs will absolutely ruin this listening experience for you.

It’s hard to believe but each of the 99 tracks here are different. It’s like an ever-changing aural landscape, that whilst being as flat as Holland, does vary greatly in weather and atmospheric pressure.