Archagathus – Dehumanizer (2014)

Archagathus are currently one of my favourite things at the moment, especially as I gear up for catching them on their European tour with the equally fucking amazing Six Brew Bantha. You could say that Archagathus came up on this whole mince-gore crossover trend that’s going on, but if Dehumanizer shows us anything, it’s that the band have converged these two genres from opposite ends of the spectrum (as far as grind is concerned, at least) and shat them out into their own very unique style. Expect the clarity, speed and punky-edge from modern grind, mixed with the bottomless pits of gurgly shifted vocals, horrendous shrieks and the odd sneaky little tupa tupa moment from the goregrind side of things.

I don’t wanna detract from the rest of the band, but the vocals make this shit. Death growls, pitchshifter lows, Kevin Sharp impressions, and even something (or should I say someone) who sounds like the fucking parrot from Hatebeak. It’s a bit overwhelming at first, but surprisingly it doesn’t sound at all messy, everything has it’s place and it all comes together with lethal precision, and thankfully, without overloading the mix. This full-length is only currently available on the perhaps unusual format of double cassette, thanks to a collab between Twisted Truth and Grindfather Productions (2021 edit: it came out on 12″ and CD also in 2014). But yeah – lessons in how to do grindcore 101 – first lesson – listen to fucking Archagathus.