Magrudergrind – Crusher (2010)

The boys in Magrudergrind seem to always catch an awful lot of flak for “selling out”, perhaps more so than any band that’s done this Scion A/V shit. I’m not gonna go into the bands dodgy appearance on a crappy TV show, I’m focussing entirely on the Scion thing here. I don’t understand why I never hear anybody slagging off Wormrot for doing the same thing? Wormrot’s Noise EP is up on some revered grind-pedestal, which I’m glad for, because it’s awesome, but what makes them so different? Why do Magrudergrind catch it in the neck so much over this shit? If some useless car company wants to pump money into releasing grindcore music (for free) then what’s the issue? Nobody’s making you buy a fucking car.

Anyways, Crusher is awesome. It’s everything you/we/I love about Magrudergrind rolled up into a nice 11 minute package. I don’t think anything’ll ever top the self titled album for me, but this is like a condensed version of everything that makes that album awesome. Magrudergrind have this fantastic ability to rip a cripplingly good riff and keep it nice and clear as the blasts and vocal barrage unfold. Mix in a few slow, almost sludgey interludes and a minute or two of sneaky (but not so good) hip hop, and job done!

Asides from the original Scion A/V release of this EP on vinyl and CD, this has also been re-issued on 10″ by Bones Brigade and Kaotoxin Records, on CD by Regurgitated Semen, and again on 10″ in the USA by To Live A Lie. So there you go, if you wanna play punk and are against Scion, you can still pick this up off one of several reputed DIY or underground labels. Get in.