Facialmess – Total Liberation (2011)

Facialmess is a harsh noise project from Japan. Total Liberation is an EP that was released a few years ago on J Randall’s Grindcore Karaoke, consisting of two tracks, a 7 minuter and a 13 minuter. “Suspicious Activities” starts off by oddly mashing together droning, machine-like background ambience with increasingly-erratic cuttings of harsh noise. It just jolts back and forth without any regard for your hearing, or sanity for that matter. It sounds to me like somebody has nominated a supercomputer for the ice bucket challenge, and we are listening to the resulting meltdown.

“Unremitting Exploitation” starts in a similar manner, only when the electronic short-circuitry cuts out, we are left with ominous silence. The way this all fits together I’d hazard a guess that this noise was constructed on a series of pedals rather than digitally (definitely seems to be a lot of delay pedal effects going on). The way the noise keeps cutting out randomly makes this release seem a lot longer than it actually is. I love the way that Facialmess is constantly fucking with your head but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a little bit tiring.

All in all, a wicked harsh noise / power electronics release that’s well worth a listen if you’re into audible torture.