Type O Negative – Bloody Kisses (1993)

Now here’s something I have listened the absolute fucking death out of during the last few months. I’ve always been a casual Type O Negative fan but I’ve always put off buying their albums, because I’m lazy as fuck like that. Anyways, I stumbled upon a free copy of this when I worked clearing out unwanted crap from charity shops, and for the next couple of hours in the van I became baptised in the awesome world of Type O Negative. Man, why didn’t anyone tell me about this shit before? Mix equal parts doom metal and hardcore punk with hammy keyboards, then dress the whole thing up to take the piss out of a subculture that takes itself far too seriously, and bam – you’ve got the perfect recipe! 

The opening tracks (20 minutes on their own) “Christian Woman” and “Black No. 1” are stone-cold goth metal classics. Taking the piss or no, Pete Steele & Chums churned out more promise and epicness in two fucking tracks than in the entire discographies of Sisters Of Mercy and HIM combined. “Kill All The White People” marries hardcore punk and Sabbath-worship riffage in a puzzling yet amazing duality. “Summer Breeze” sounds as the title promises, and “We Hate Everyone” pulverises the listener with more hardcore punk-influenced terror before the sheer epic of “Bloody Kisses” kicks in. Nearly 11 minutes long, the title track is a mammoth depressing beast. Shit sends fucking shivers up my spine, yo – especially during the piano solo (hahaha). Joking or otherwise, it’s a seriously heavy track and boasts a fucking wicked chorus. “Too Late: Frozen” is another favourite of mine, starting off fast as fuck and slowing down to a doomy pace for the remainder.

I’d absolutely love to see these play live, but I’ll never get that chance as Pete Steele sadly died before I developed any real respect for the band. I consider this album to be an absolute staple in my list of legendary metal records. I have only shame and regret for not discovering this total gem of a band any sooner. They have fecking stacks of good songs, but none of the albums live up to the sheer back-to-back quality of tracks on Bloody Kisses, which might just be the definitive goth-related record for me. Time to crank this up and crack out the black nail polish.