Black Moth – The Killing Jar (2012)

The Killing Jar is quite possible one of the crappiest names for an album I’ve ever come across, but let’s not let that tarnish things here. Black Moth are a dirty rock and/or roll band with stoner and doom metal influences. They’ve been around for a few years now but I hadn’t heard of them until they were announced for Temples Festival this year. I was too smashed to watch them (story of my life) on the day but they did make my “check out everyone playing Temples” list on Spotify, from where I then migrated to checking out their entire album.

The Killing Jar is a brilliant record, combining raunchy swagger with heavy guitar riffs and a rocking pace. The vocals provided by Harriet Bevan are equal parts teasing, powerful and even cheeky. It’s like somebody put the sounds of Kyuss and Blues Pills into a blender, along with some essence of garage rock. Opening track “The Articulate Dead” is a corker, and was even a single release for the band (on 7″ too), but my favourite tracks are the hat-trick of “Chicken Shit”, “Blind Faith” and “Plastic Blaze”, which are towards the end of the album.

This record was put out on both CD and vinyl by the New Heavy Sounds label, whose small roster includes fellow stoner/doom influenced rockers, Throne. But yeah, check out Black Moth, they rule.