Fire Walk With Me – ストリートウォーカー (2014)

September 6, 2014
Fire Walk With Me – ストリートウォーカー (2014)

Whilst I surely can’t review my own material, I can tell you fuckers a little bit about it. With the death of Life Is Easy I’ve started a whole bunch of new musical ventures, including Fire Walk With Me; a project born out of my new love affairs with David Lynch’s Twin Peaks and HNW music, if such a crossover isn’t too bold. What I’ve done here however is attempted somewhat at creating texture within harsh noise wall. Basically I recorded a harsh noise wall passage of about 44 minutes, achieved my desired distortion and decided that it just wasn’t enough, so I built on that passage with a further 7 more layers of harsh noise (you can hear them all kicking in within the first five minutes or so).

As amazing as 8 layers of HNW playing at the same time sounds, I quickly learned that putting noise on top of noise just results in more noise – but it is a hellish, claustrophobic, repetitive, hopeless, self-depreciating 44 minutes that you will never get back, if you’re into that kind of thing. ストリートウォーカー basically translates to ‘street walker’, be it tramp… junkie… prostitute……vampire……

Stream the entire thing for free, or tapes are available for £3 with a much bassier and versatile mix (created by my tape dubbing machine, which has a mind of it’s own).

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