Psycho – You Love Us… You Hate Us (1988)

This was a random purchase for me a couple of Christmas’ back, from some D.I.Y. / punk / hardcore record shop in Cardiff. It’s been a while, and the shop/label is long gone (at least at that location), but I (obviously) still have this record and still spin it every now and then. I picked it up because I am a massive fan of Anal Cunt and was aware that they had done a split with Psycho at some point. Couple that with the randomness of finding a Psycho record in Cardiff, and the deal was sealed, as far as I was concerned. I can’t really remember how much it cost me, but it wasn’t much.

I don’t have many 12″ EPs. I think the format has died out somewhat, especially in the underground, what with the increasing price of pressing vinyl (I’m not even gonna go into the pressures of the digital age). Spinning at 45 rpm, this record doesn’t last very long at all, but it’s an awesome little blast through some thrash-paced hardcore punk nonsense. I’m aware that Psycho have several “eras” to their sound, like they did grindcore for a while, etc. etc. I’m not really sure where this fits in in the whole Pyscho “journey” but it’s still a really cool EP that I would recommend to anybody with an interest in the faster side of life. It sounds to me like Motorhead meets Dead Kennedys.

This awesome, almost beer coloured 12″ was released in 1988 under Pyscho’s own record label, Ax/ction Records.