Japanese Torture Comedy Hour – Dolphin Meat (2011)

September 1, 2014
Japanese Torture Comedy Hour – Dolphin Meat (2011)

Japanese Torture Comedy Hour was a noise project that revolved around Scott Hull, J Randall and other related musicians, and eventually became a solo project for Randall in it’s own right. Dolphin Meat is an hour-long improvised live performance (entitled “日本の拷問コメディアワー – EP#62”) created entirely out of feedback loops and recorded to VHS tape (because, fuck it, why not?). I tried doing something similar about five or six years ago; bleeding feedback from mic to speaker in an infinite loop in an attempt to create effortless, endless manipulatable distortion, but I failed catastrophically, so there’s a little bit of respect here to Randall for getting all of this out of a simple feedback loop (I just suck at noise, really).

All things considered however, I guess this falls more under the power electronics umbrella and isn’t at all that harsh – for a bunch of batshit crazy improvised feedback loops it’s actually quite listenable. You can stream the entire thing at Randall’s label page Grindcore Karaoke, or even download it if noise is yer thing, like.

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