Data Shit – Reconstruction Deformation (2011)

August 29, 2014
Data Shit – Reconstruction Deformation (2011)

Now this is really nice – imagine combining the sounds of gabba techno drum programming (but slowed down a touch) with the random ambience of early Warp Records electronic music like The Aphex Twin. It’s kinda like a drum’n’bassy Venetian Snares making sweet, sweet love to Optimus Prime, at varying BPM.

“Time Is A Disease” is a beast of an opener, with moody synths and epic piano lines, before it bursts this EP open with a flurry of garbled electronica and blasting 909 beats. “At Least We Have McDonalds” is a scatterfuck of a track, incorporating elements of dubstep into an already chaotic sound. “The Ghost Of My Girlfriend’s House” is as close to straight-up Snares worship Data Shit can get, before closer “Hypertrophy” is a simmering mirage of operatic samples and grindcore-grade drum programming. What more do you need?

I’ve tried looking up more about Data Shit but have so far been unsuccessful. You can stream and download the entire EP over on Torn Flesh Records.

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