Reekorrhoea – Demo Tape (2013)

Reekorrhoea is a project of Hyperemesis’ Andy Ringdahl, focussing more on old-school horror movie themes as subject matter rather than all-out gore. It’s still mincecore-infused goregrind goodness, however, so I love it! Imagine LDOH meets Agathocles at a Tumour gig and you’re along the right lines here. The five tracks aren’t particularly long but they don’t need to be, this shit gets in, fucking gets on with it, and then fucks off.

The guitars are nasty as fuck but my favourites have gotta be the vocals and the drum programming. The snare is perfect, and those vocals are just top notch, like, innit. You can stream the entire thing from the Reekorrhoea Bandcamp page (I’ve linked the demo below) but there’s also 75 copies available on tape, for the true crusty goregrinders. Word.