Vulgar Disease – When You Get Drunk I’ll Be The Wine (2014)

Ah…harsh noise; if there was ever a genre of ‘music’ where it is hard to remain original. I love watching noise artists perform live, but listening to harsh noise in the home (asides from the ‘big’ names) isn’t something that I do very often. This is primarily because 1.) if you have a torrent for every single Merzbow release, you’re pretty much set for life in the noise game and 2.) the internet has caused a massive saturation of the scene. You could look at it now as everybody having a fair chance of exposure, but to me the ease of which people can now make and distribute music also has a huge downside.

So yeah, I don’t actually listen to that much harsh noise. But, there was something about Vulgar Disease’s cover art for When You Get Drunk I’ll Be The Wine that made me listen. Perhaps it was because it looks a bit like an old goregrind tape, or perhaps it was because it claimed to be inspired by Bon Jovi. Either way, I listened to it, and not only does it (thankfully) not sound anything like Bon Jovi, but it’s actually fucking awesome. Sure, it’s noisy as hell, but beneath those pummelling walls of distortion are haunting strains and creeping textures which mix together in frenetic unison, creating an unique sound that you want to explore further, but can’t, because it’ll melt your face off.

Some tracks incorporate barked, distorted and commanding vocals that again, don’t really sound like Bon Jovi but sound to me like a cross between Swans’ Michael Gira in his early days and J Randall from Agoraphobic Nosebleed. It works for me! The closing title track is much more brooding and atmospheric, building slowly and surely until….it just slowly drifts off into nothingness.

Check the entire release out below on Torn Flesh Records, you can also download the entire thing for free too.