Swans – Can’t Find My Way Home (1989)

Unfortunately, Can’t Find My Way Home is one of the weaker tracks off the somewhat-hated The Burning World album (and a cover song to boot), so this single doesn’t really do anything for me in that respect. It is merely a completists item for me, as I go on to collect at least one version of every release Swans have put out. I have the 7″ version here, although there is a 12″ version of this single in existence, which I believe possesses yet another extra track.

The b-side here though, is a cripplingly-weak acoustic re-working of “(She’s A) Universal Emptiness”, which is one of my favourite tracks off The Burning World. This version, is for some godforsaken reason, sped up in tempo, and not only sounds rushed, but loses it’s depressive and brooding feeling.

To briefly conclude; this release offers nothing to the Swans discography in any way, and is entirely a completists item. I do not recommend purchasing it to anyone, anywhere.