Intestinal Disgorge – Dripping In Quiet Places (2011)

I always welcome more Intestinal Disgorge. I should make a crappy Sean Bean meme with the text “One does not simply have enough Intestinal Disgorge”. So, when I got the sexcellent Hyperemesis / Pulsating Cerebral Slime 7″ lathe from Goatgrind Records I had to pick up their release of Dripping… at the same time; it would have been criminal not to! I have three Intestinal Disgorge records now (at the time of writing), so I might as well get serious and get locked into collecting the fucking lot.

Holy shit, Dripping… is one polished motherfucking record! The sound here is absolutely monumental. The production values just get better and better with each record, but ID have also tidied up their sound here. Gone are the funny/worrying samples, as are, for the most part, the trademark bitch squeals. The Depravity record showcased a much more stream-lined approach for the band, replacing silliness with outright fucking brutality, and Dripping… takes the band even further in that direction. There are 25 songs here instead of the usual 50/60 you’d expect from an ID full length. The trademark frenzied-shredding is still evident in many of the songs, but I find that the tracks overall are much longer and structured, resembling a very interesting brand of brutal death metal rather than anything more grind-related.

On the other hand though, things get really experimental with the inclusion of what sounds like a fucking saxophone popping up in the mix. The album credits “J” to “vocals, clarinet, violin, trombone”, but all I hear is something sax-sounding, but I’m not really educated in classical instruments and the sounds that they make. At times it sounds like a death metal Dead Neanderthals, which is very unusual to say the least. All in all, this is a fucking epic and absolutely tight as a duck’s arse record. The lack of samples / worryingly misogynistic content and crazy-weird goregrind may initially baffle some old ID fans, but the more-focused and heavier than heavy sound more than makes up for it.