Archagathus / Maximum Thrash – Split 7″ (2012)

I was expecting more from Maximum Thrash, I will be honest. I’ve seen the name around a lot over the last few years so I was rather excited about finally hearing them. I was a bit disappointed then, when I dropped the needle onto this wax and got some shitty live recording as my first impression of them. Don’t get me wrong, the band sound like they’d be great, but there’s nothing worse than shelling out money for a 7” and it turns out to be of a crappy live recording. As their side progresses we do get some studio material, which is really good, but…c’mon guys!

Archagathus seem a lot more “guttural” here than in any other instance that I have encountered them.  Burping over the thrashy, punk-tinged mince sound is a heavy, almost pitchshifted-sounding gore/death metal low vocal. It’s a bit loud but it doesn’t detract from the overall sound. I guess it’s a kinda hails to Agathocles, who’ve often used the pitchshifted vocal over a punkier sound. The third track, “Nazi Smash” has the most insane groove, and it really makes me want to see Archagathus play live (do they even play shows?).

All in all, this split is pretty good, but I get the sneaking suspicion that better material exists (from both bands) on other releases. This 7” was put out in a collaboration between Witch Bukkake RecordsMercy of SlumberStockroom Records and Grindfather Productions.