CKY – Infiltrate.Destroy.Rebuild. (2002)

Man, now this is a blast from my past! I’d pretty much forgotten CKY existed for the last half a decade or so, until I saw this CD for sale for next to nothing in a charity shop. I forgot just how much I loved this band’s first two records – I can’t really speak much for the rest of the discography (An Answer Can Be Found was OK I guess, but Carver City does nothing for me at all) but this CD is an absolute classic!

After spinning this for the first time in probably 8 or 9 years, the first thing I notice is just how unique and odd CKY’s guitar tone is. It is almost synthetic sounding, yet amply fuzzy and satisfying. “Escape From Hellview”, “Flesh Into Gear” and “Sink Into The Underground” sound just as brilliant as I remembered them to. The rest of the album sails by really quickly, because CKY can’t seem to write anything that lasts longer than 3 minutes or so. Not that I’m complaining, there are some great blasts from the past here, with the only song on the entire record I’m not at all fussed on being the closing track “Close Yet Far”. 

If your OK with your rock and metal having singy vocals and a sensibility to the songs, then I strongly recommend some CKY for you, if you’ve not heard them before, that is. This version of the CD comes with a bonus DVD directed by Bam Margera (he had to fucking worm his way in somewhere) filled with music videos for every single song on the album. Now that’s value for money.